Monday, August 18, 2008


Well, the summer went way too fast. Now we are in the countdown to college. Nikki leaves for college on 8/21/08. So we have countdown days. She is almost all packed and her room is filled with bags and luggage and containers and you name it.
I just can't believe it has come so soon. She was just a little girl not so long ago.(a few tears). She is so grown up and mature. So beautiful and well rounded(just alittle proud).
I know that I will have tears when I have to turn away and so goodbye. But I know she is ready and is very excited about her new life. It will be different without her in the house dancing everywhere and picking on her bro. Steven is missing her already, they are so close. He says they will e-mail everyday!

This is Steven and Tad(in the middle) and Nikki at their last polynesian show.

This is Steven and Nikki at the end of the night. They love each other so much, I am truly blessed with to awesome children!


Candace said...

Time goes by so fast, doesn't sis? I can imagine how you must feel...sending you [[[[HUGS]]].

Emuhlee said...

Hello! This is Emily K., known in the blogging world as Emuhlee. :)

I found your blog through Nikki's blog.

Sweet post, but it made me miss my mom!

I wish Nikki was coming home this weekend so we could hang at Hamburger Day. Oh well, I guess I can wait a few more weekends for some girl-bonding time. :)

See you soon, I hope!