Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Knitting like a Feind

The scarf from ?!@#!
It has taken me so long to do this one, I am not sure why. I have had to rip, rip, rip so many times( due to me not paying attention and a new pattern)

I love to knit washcloths and dishcloths!


Candace said...

Ohhhh, pretty dishcloths!

I know all about rip, rip, rip....I was so mad at a piece just the other night, that if I had the strength, I would have ripped it to shreads!!!!! Yes, i was that fustrated with it.

Crystal said...

ohhhh lol lol....been there!

Briley said...

Hi Crystal! Sorry it's been so long.

The knitting looks great, and we all have those projects that it seems like we frog more than we knit!

I hope your daughter is doing well at school. I have been meaning to write you forever to tell you that my friend Jodi would love to chat about your daughter's studies in art therapy. I'm sure she would be a wonderful resource for you both!

Nikki said...

i want to finish your site, but you forgot to leave your password.

and i'm still sick today. boo. i even took the tylenol stuff last night and cough syrup today, not the sleepy stuff, the one i can actually stay awake with. I don't know how well i'll function today.

Crystal said...

Briley, I would love for Jodi to talk to Nikki, here is Nikki's e-mail address if she want to chat, I will tell Nikki...