Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Awesome Weekend!

What a wonderful and relaxing weekend I had. I got to spend the weekend with two of ny knitting friends. We spent the afternoon knitting at the shop and then had supper together at a local masonic lodge. We then went to the Yarn's R Us owner's house. She owns Onyx Cave and her house is awesome. Is really country and relaxing and beautiful. We had a great time playing Triple Yahtzee and drinking her bottle of wine all(yummmm) so delics and giddy we got.
Then the rest of the night we knitted/crocheted and watched movies til midnight. I haven't been til midnight for so long I can't remember(getting way to old) LOL.

I slept so good and woke up to all kinds of birds singing to me, oh how I miss the country sounds and smells. Enjoyed a cup of Cappucino outside and breathed in the wonderful smells and sights. Had a great breakfast that Kim made and a wonderful shower( I thought it was Spa like) . Funny how things seem better when you are away from home.

Then we went to our local Historical Society house and helped our friend Denise sit the house. People come in from everywhere to see the history of Hamburg. It was really neat to see the old dresses and hats and work places.

I truly enjoyed it and wish to do that more often. It made my whole mind feel fresh and new again.

Thanks to my friends!

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