Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Crocheting for Me

I just finished a project for me. I was always doing them for someone else, so I decided to do one for myself. Of course, I need to make Steven's Notre Dame Blanket and Karl wants a blanket now and more dishcloths were added to my pile. The girls at work would like the M&M dishcloths. So I am really glad I finished my project.
Hope you like it.

But of course, I started another blanket(I just can't help myself) I love the color of the first section...check it out.
And I just thought I would throw this picture in of Nikki(my daughter). She was in a fashion show for the Keep it Green Fashion show(or something like that). Her dress was made out of recycled plastic(I think). She looks like a model.

Check out that facial expression, I wish I new what she was thinking at that moment.

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Candace said...

Congrats on finishing the blanket sis. I love the color of it and the fuzzy yarn you used through it. You deserve to make and keep something for yourself!

Nikki is so lovely!