Monday, September 7, 2009

PLEASE Mr. President!

I sorry but I really need to post this. I just read this in our local paper and have to share this with the world. How sad our country is right now that our schools are barring the President of the United States from speaking to the children of America. Here is the article.

Rush Limbaugh and other fear mongers argue President Barack Obama secretly plans to brainwash America's students by talking to them about academic goals in a national broadcast Tuesday.

Well, Mr. President, I implore you:

Please brainwash our students.Brainwash them to believe that the First Amendment's guarantee of free speech applies to everyone, including the president of the United States.

Brainwash them to defy the censorship inflicted on them by the paranoid, short-sighted school superintendents who banned the Obama speech in some Berks County school districts - and others across the country.

Brainwash them to understand that generations of men and women sacrificed their lives on battlefields throughout the world so they could be free from government censorship - an ideal yet to take root in a good chunk of Berks County.

Brainwash them to learn to respect others who are different from them, to embrace diversity as the hallmark of an emerging age.

Brainwash them to stand up for their right as adults, guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States, to read, hear, watch or study any book or film of their choosing - regardless of whether or not it has a government imprimatur

Brainwash them to believe in the marketplace of ideas, once the academic guiding light of public education in America.

Brainwash them to see that the world they will live in will be dramatically different than that of their parents and grandparents, and that to survive they will need lifelong education.

Brainwash them to see how ideological bickering and partisan political agendas have gridlocked Washington and Harrisburg and are destroying the nation's ability to deal with pressing political and social issues.

Brainwash them to believe in themselves and to understand that, through hard work and determination, they can still realize the American Dream.

And, please, Mr. President, brainwash them to weep, indeed pray, for a country whose political soul has decayed to the point where the president of the United States is barred from speaking to the nation's students.

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