Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finishing these projects soon!!!

Slowly, but surely I have been working on these blankets. I will soon have them both finished. I am on the down side of the diagonal granny dishcloth pattern. I really like this pattern and it is so quick and easy.

And of course, this is my all time favorite pattern so far the continous Granny Square. I was thinking of Spring colors with this one.

Of course, Mr. Schnitzel had to get in the picture taking...he is such a ham! Basking in the sunlight trying to stay warm in this cold, cold winter we are having.....brrrrrrrrr.

Next on the agenda is an afghan for Steven maybe in the continous Granny Square. Guess what guessed it Miami Dolphins!!!!

Only a mother would do this for her son. Her mother loves the Steelers. Go Steelers!!!!!!

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