Sunday, January 16, 2011

I can't wait to start this!

I am so excited....I cannot wait to start this project. I need to finish the two other blankets that I have in progress and then I can start it. I think it is so pretty, I just have to decide what colors I want to use. I definitely want to use the white, but the star color I have a few colors to choose from that I like.

I am also finishing up a scarf and dishcloth for charity. I think my special focus for charity this year will be scarves. So many children go without scarves in the winter and I want to help them.

Nikki went back to college today, guess I won't be seeing her until Spring break(I hope). She is always busy and involved in so much at college that I never know what she gets herself into..LOL. She loves it and I am sooo happy for her.

Steven has been busy finishing up his Senior year of high school, bowling and checking out colleges. He has been accepted to The Art Institute of Philadelphia and waiting to hear from Drexel. I can't believe my baby will be going off to college this year....the years have gone way too fast.
Signing off for the night......goodnight.


C. Gail Designs said...

Gosh, how time flies with the kids! Have fun with the scarves....i seem to have an addiction to them right now myself. What you're doing is wonderful. :)

Crystal said...

Thanks loving alot!