Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sisters weekend!

So excited for another sister weekend.   This will be number 2 in 1 year!!!!!!   I so enjoy getting together with them and sharing laughter and stories.  This time it is at my house and I cannot wait!  

I have some ideas for us if we feel like it....
  Yardsaling....of course.
  Maybe a cheap movie if a good one is in town.
  Cooking..got to take in a market for some fresh produce
   Some refreshing drinks on the backporch. 
  Or absolutely nothing but veggie and movies on TV!

This heart is from the first time we started doing the sister get togethers.  It was after our mom passed on to be with Jesus, we felt that we needed to be together and help each other thru this.  I know our mom would have loved to have been with us.  This piece of bark fell of the tree outside my sisters house and it is in the shape of a heart with a small face on it.   Co-incidence or karma?

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