Friday, February 22, 2008

It's Snowing!

Yes, my friends, the white stuff is coming down. Maybe this time we will get lucky and just get snow without all the sleet and freezing rain. I sure am hankering for a good old fashioned snow storm.

On the flip side, I just finished another scarf and it came out beautiful. I forgot to take a picture before I wrapped it up. I am working on another one for my daugher for college. Her college colors(yellow and black). I will make sure and take a picture of that one and post it. I am also going to finally become adventurous and try a new stitch. I am always afraid to try new ones, sometimes I just don't understand the lingo(lol).
I want to take a knitting class at out local storeThis shop is a quaint little shop with lots to boast and show. Very clean and roomy. There is so many different yarns and lot and lots of sample items to see. The owner is very helpful and delightful. She actually took time out to show me a new stitch and to help me fix a problem! She has many classes throughout the months, some are free and some you pay for. Easy parking and there are other quaint shops on the same block. Well worth the trip. Highly recommended.


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Candace said...

Hey sis! I would have loved to seen a picture of the scarf you just finished. Maybe you need to think about selling on Etsy yourself. :o)Make sure you post a pic of the next one you finish.

Hope you're feeling better today. {{{HUGS}}}