Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New project

Here is my new project I have been working on. It will be a kitchen rug. This has been fun to make so far and is turning out to be really nice looking. I think I will enjoy using this when I am finished.

I really like the pattern for this rug.

I will post the pattern if anyone would like it.


Briley said...

I love the colours. I bet this will look wonderful in your kitchen.

How's the Dolphins blanket coming?

Candace said...

That's going to look so nice when it finished. What room is it going in? Keep knitting, I want to see more when it's larger.

Crystal said...

This will be in the kitchen, hence the kitchen rug !! LOL

Crystal said...

Briley, The Dolphins blanket is coming along slowly, too many projects started too little time! Will have more time once the dance recitals and college visits are done> looking forward to the extra time!!!