Monday, June 30, 2008

OHANA! (Family)

What smiles they have! Pop-pop had a great time!

Steven and Boppa(Hawiian for Grandfather) at the Tahitian Drums.

Giving hugs and congrats!

They are such goofballs! These are two of Nikki's friends she dances with in Polynesian. This is a wonderful show to see. All the material comes from Hawaii
and all costumes are handmade by the parents/kids.

More goofing around and lots of smiles, even after three shows. I get exhausted just from watching them dance.

This is the dance studio where Nikki and Steven go to. They are truly OHANA!


Candace said...

So, cool! Thanks for sharing the photo. That one of dad and Steven is great. Wish I could have been there.

Crystal said...

We missed you lots. Maybe you can see her dance this summer. I will e-mail you one of the dates.