Monday, September 29, 2008

Secretary of the class of 2012!

Yesterday, the hubby and I spent the day with the college girl. It was so nice to see her. She looks so good and so happy. I do believe the college life suits her perefectly. We took her to eat at Cali Burittos(awesome) and she loves that place. We then spent the afternoon with my sister and her family. She loves her Aunt Candy and Uncle Clinton and the girls(Theresa, Hanna, & Maisie) We love them too. It was a great day even though it really rained all day. We didn't mind, Nikki's smile lit up the whole day.

She loves all her classess and professors. Her favorite class is Pschy 1 and Art Therapy.

She has accomplished so much since she has been there. She is 2012 class Secretary, she was nomited to attend a Leadership Retreat in the Poconos, and auditioned for the Modern Group which she made!

She is growing up so fast and doing it with such grace and style! I love to see how she grows! Of course, I am the mom so I am really partial to her(lol).

Well, enough rambling on, time to go do some wash and knitting!

Till next time,

Happy Knitting and Happy Fall


Nikki said...

Hey ,I didn't get the password yet?

umm. try e-mailing it again.

P.s. You spelled nominated wrong. just for clean grammer. you know me.

Crystal said...

hey, I did e-mail you, I also left you a message on your cell phone.
thanks for the grammer correction