Thursday, June 11, 2009

My new joy!

It has been too long. I haven't felt like blogging. I have been too busy doing my new Joy, CROCHETING! I am addicted to it right now, I do throw a little knitting in there just to keep myself refreshed on it. Here is some projects that I have been working on.

This is a blanket of squares that our knitting group received and we put them together for charity. We are in the process of making Lapghans for our local Hospice. They are given to the Hospice patients and then passed onto the families. The patients love them and they are small enough as not to be to heavy on their legs. It gives me great joy to make these, give them to someone who truly needs it and their face just lights up!

This is so fun to make. I really enjoy the colors. They are refreshing and happy. It is a Granny Square Afghan. I am using Classic Worsted Tapestry Yarn(universal Yarn Inc.) The colors are Prairie Sand and Tangerine. It is so soft and easy to work with. I can't wait until it is complete, it will be a big and beautiful afghan for someone special in my life.(sorry no names yet).

Now for the other half of my life, Nikki is working at Candies(a local ice cream shop) so yummy. They have the best Mango Gelati! She likes working there alot and the owners are so nice. Steven has been bowling ALOT and doing awesome. He bowls on a Monday league with an average of 197 and on a Thursday league with an average of 206. Holy cow I can no longer get even close to keeping up with him. Hey Cheryl, Candy and Carol lets go bowling! Oh what fun we would have.

Time to go now,I have babbled on long enough. I pray you all have a great day!


Candace said...

OH my GOD, I am so in love with the granny square blanket....very sweet and vintage looking. :)

Nikki has the best cream! I would get so fat working at a place like!

Steven amazes me with his bowling go kid!

Bowling would be fun again. Are you able to do it? I thought you weren't because of you back or something? ya sis!

Crystal said...

with the Fibromyalgia it was painful...but the Cymbalta is helping that and my anxiety.