Monday, July 6, 2009

HAPPY 4th OF July!

What a beautiful, fun and delightful weekend. We had a small gathering of friends on the 4th and the food was delicious. Steven's burgers are AWESOME. Now everyone wants burgers from S & S Burgerjoint. LOL. I do believe we need to have the families over(sisters,brothers,dad, and grandchildren) over for some burgers. Oh, what fun!

On Sunday, sorry to say, I missed a family picnic at my sister's Carols house. I bet they had a great time and they definitely had perfect weather for swimming! Hi to all of you! Love you and missed you. And sending hugs to all.

But, on the other hand the reason we didn't go is because Nikki worked from 12- 5 and Steven had a bowling tournament. Let me just say, I am a very proud mama. Steven and his bowling partner placed 2nd out of 25 teams to win Scholarship money. They bowled so totally amazing. They had to each bowl 4 games, Steve's first game was a tough one(148), but then he got the feel of the lanes and kicked some butt...203, 197, 223. WOW. I wouldn't have missed it for the world! Great job.

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