Thursday, July 23, 2009


Oh the trials and errors of changing my blog. What a time I had but, I finally did it. I hope you like it! It took quite a while to find one that worked and then some reading on my part and then Wa La!!!! I think it looks so pretty.

Now back to some yarn talk. I hear the August 16, there is a 150th Anniversary of Emmaus, PA(where my dear sister lives)

and there is a new Yarn Shop(Conversational Threads).

So my friend Denise and I will be traveling up there for the day, hopefully Nikki can join us and we can check out Emmaus, food and fun and maybe stop in to see the sister. Maybe she can come with us for the day. Oh yea, the farmers market is that Sunday too....yummmmm .
I found another great site for free crochet patterns
Lovely ideas and patterns. I hope you enjoy.
Have a wonderful and blessed day!
Toodles for now!


Candace said...

Congrats on getting your blog up and running's lovely!

Yes, my family will be walking around and taking a look at what's happening in Emmaus that day too...I hope it's good weather. I believe the new yarn shop is just a block up from me...yay!

Crystal said...

Yay, can't wait!!!!!!!