Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Busy week

I must say that it has been a busy week, with Dr appointments, Dentists..I had a tooth and abscess removed on Monday(still hurting), daughter had tooth filled yesterday and the back to college. Today the son goes to dentist for cleaning and hubby goes to urologist. WHEW!!! Way too many doctors.

On the needles right now are washcloths(Christmas gift), Miami Dolphin Blanket(for the son), mittens for charity. I never seem to have enough time to knit.

Yesterday Nikki & Steven went for the mail and on the way back spotted a mother and her six kittens. Well you know they just had to stop and visit and play. They were so cute. We left them with some dry food from home. I love when Nikki is home from college...Steven and her are so close they have so much fun together.

Time to go...need to finish getting ready for work.

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